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CompareCoOps Helps You Market Contracts to Public Agencies

In today's world of public purchasing, suppliers need to be proactive with marketing their contracts to buyers. Here's how CompareCoOps makes that easier than ever before.

When it comes to winning business from cooperative contracts, being seen by public agencies is half the battle. There are always public agencies out there looking for the products and services offered by suppliers like you. They want to buy from your contracts, they just need to find them. While it can be tough to get your cooperative contracts in front of the right people, the way agencies search for contracts is starting to evolve. CompareCoOps helps you market your contracts to the agencies looking to buy from them. Let’s take a look at how.

Meeting Public Agency Buyers Where They Are

It might sound simple, but getting your contracts in front of public agencies can actually be kind of tricky. Not all public agency buyers are the same. Some agencies use google to look for cooperative contracts. Some search antiquated websites or spreadsheets. Trying to seek out and engage with agencies in these different, unconnected spaces requires a lot of effort for a questionable return.

Despite their different approaches to finding contracts and making quote requests, most public agencies have a few things in common. They want to save time and get the best value on their contracts. That’s what makes a platform like CompareCoOps so attractive to them. Agencies browse cooperative contracts with intelligent sourcing tools, request quotes from suppliers, gain compliance, and reduce risk with a full audit trail all in one place. That level of convenience is extremely attractive to agencies as it frees them from the need to search multiple websites for contracts and quotes.

It’s also great for suppliers. Hosting your contracts on the CompareCoOps platform means they’re easier for agencies to find them and submit opportunities for you to win their business. Rather than having to keep track of a handful of different sites, making sure contracts are up to date, and trying to manage communication with agencies through emails, spreadsheets, and phone tag, suppliers can manage everything through the supplier portal within the CompareCoOps platform. It’s easy, convenient, and free to join.

Show Agencies Why They Should Choose Your Cooperative Contracts

Once you’ve signed up for CompareCoOps and uploaded your contracts, it’s time to differentiate your business. Our platform is agnostic—each supplier has an equal chance to win an agency’s business. That’s why it’s important to highlight the key details of your contracts so that agencies can easily make informed decisions about which contract to choose.

Consumers have more visibility into their supply chains than ever before. They want to know more about the products they order—how and where they’re produced, quality assurance, whether or not they’re ethically sourced, etc. This level of interest crosses over into public purchasing. Procurement professionals are more likely to choose a supplier if they know more about them and can see why their contracts are the best fit for their needs.

That gives suppliers an opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors. Highlight the best aspects of your offering so agencies can see them. Do you offer locally sourced products? Highlight it! Is your supply chain making efforts to increase sustainability? Highlight it! Anything that makes your contracts stand out to agencies is worth a little extra visibility.

Be proactive and communicate with agencies. Respond quickly to their quote requests and make yourself available to answer any questions they might have throughout the process. It’s important to build and maintain these relationships, it can even lead to repeat business. CompareCoOps allows suppliers to respond to opportunities directly within the platform. All communication happens in the same place, making it simple to keep track of everything.

Making it easier for agencies to find your contracts and submit opportunities means increasing the likelihood of winning new business. We built the CompareCoOps platform to assist suppliers in gaining crucial market exposure for their contracts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly or register your interest in a demo of our supplier portal.

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Rosalyn Edwards

Rosalyn is the Supplier Enablement Consultant at CompareCoOps. She has a wealth of experience in customer engagement and marketing. Her current focus is on helping grow the CompareCoOps supplier community and ensuring active suppliers get the most out of their experience with the platform.

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