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MRO purchasing is Messy, Random and Overwhelming

Purchasing Maintenance, Repair and Operation products (MRO) for facilities can often be a confusing and time-consuming task. Maybe it stands for Messy, Random and Overwhelming...

Purchasing Maintenance, Repair and Operation products (MRO) for your facilities can often be a confusing and time-consuming task. Some would say that MRO really stands for Messy, Random and Overwhelming! This procurement activity falls into two general categories… unplanned/non-repetitive or planned/repetitive items.

The unplanned/non-repetitive purchase is particularly challenging. Public entities often find that many of the MRO items purchased in one year do not repeat the next. Some may have never been purchased before. When faced with an unplanned request, time is usually of the essence. Availability and fast delivery are almost always more important than the lowest price because something is waiting to be repaired or replaced. However, if the public entity is utilizing a cooperative contract, they will still be getting any pre-negotiated discounts for the item(s) in question. The ability to enjoy discounted pricing even when this is a secondary or tertiary concern is one of the many benefits of utilizing cooperative contracts!

On the other hand, the planned/repetitive purchase presents a different challenge or, should I say, opportunity. This purchasing occasion usually involves a large, one-time or a large, recurring order. Unlike the unplanned/non-repetitive purchase, price usually supersedes immediate availability in order of preference. Since it usually involves a large dollar amount, this purchase may require multiple quotes by policy or preference. While time may not be of the essence, the public entity is still faced with the time and effort required to request, receive and analyze quotes from their vendors. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could manage the quoting process among available contract vendors? Think of the time and effort saved!

Many public entities have found, and successfully utilized CompareCoOps as just such a resource for managing their quote process. As a technology platform, independent of cooperatives, and built on over 10 years of public procurement experience, CompareCoOps is a better way to access cooperative contracts. Here are four reasons to try it:


No more chasing down suppliers or searching through endless emails or sticky notes! Quickly and easily compare cooperative contracts for exactly what you need and engage suppliers - for free! Drive best value for your agency.


Drastically reduce your purchasing spend. Use our wizard tool to “magically” identify which cooperative contract provides you the most savings. Independently audited data has shown that our public agency users have enjoyed cost savings of 9.74%. And, like them, you’ll have access to data that helps you measure the benefits.


Use our digital platform to ensure compliance through our locked-down processes and strong audit trail. Any legal or other requirement can be added quickly and easily. Do your due diligence to get exactly what you want at the best price while becoming a compliance master!

Powerful insights

CompareCoOps' reporting goes well beyond spend analysis. See how buyers go to market for key categories, identify opportunities for efficiencies, and support a culture of continuous improvement in procurement.

The best part? It’s completely free for public agencies. Sign up today and start getting the most out of your cooperative purchasing.

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Jennifer Sulentic

Jennifer leads CompareCoOps in the US. With over ten years of experience at U.S. Communities and ProcureSource, she is well known and widely respected in the world of public procurement cooperative contracting.

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