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For Suppliers

More opportunities from public agencies

We put your company in front of public agencies who are ready to buy from cooperative contracts.

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CompareCoOps is not a cooperative and you don’t have to pay any subscription fees.

Your free profile puts you in front of public agency buyers who are looking for your contracts and are ready to buy!

Easy to get started. Easy to win business.

When you register, you’ll be notified when a buyer invites you to respond to a quote request under your cooperative contract.

Respond on CompareCoOps. Raise questions and submit your contract pricing (we don’t host your pricing on our platform).

CompareCoOps will notify you of the outcome when the buyer makes a decision.

If you are successful, you are invoiced a small success fee, agreed in advance. If you don’t win, you don’t pay.

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How we charge (and how we don't)

Registration Fee

Registration is fast and easy

Lead Fee

Pay nothing to receive leads

Response Fee

Pay nothing to respond to opportunities

Your first win is free

Then pay a small success fee whenever you win

When you are successful in winning work you will be charged a small success fee. That helps keep CompareCoOps free for public agencies so you can continue to win their business.

The small print

Check the terms for becoming a supplier on the platform here:

Supplier Terms & Conditions (PDF)

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