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Compare, Select and Get to work - All in one platform!

Check out this infographic to see how one local agency streamlined their public purchasing process, reduced risk with a full audit trail, and saved them time and money.

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CompareCoOps’s platform helps agencies leverage the benefits of cooperative purchasing while creating additional efficiencies through a variety of different features. But how does it work?

This infographic walks you through the purchase journey of one of the many local agencies that successfully requested a quote, found a cooperative contract, and simplified their procurement process using CompareCoOps.

Gain a better understanding of the platform, learn about the key benefits experienced by public agencies, and sign up today!

Download the Infographic

Key takeaways

  1. CompareCoOps is a faster, easier way to leverage the benefits of cooperative purchasing, save money, get more value, and remain compliant.
  2. Agencies that use CompareCoOps spend less time executing the procurement function, giving them more time to focus on other tasks.
  3. The purchase journey while using CompareCoOps is simple and straightforward for public agencies.

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