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Agencies are ready for the next evolution

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be for buyers to find the right contracts and obtain pricing. We have made it our mission to deliver value to public agencies.

Procurement professionals are a creative bunch, always looking to add value to their agencies by brushing up on best practice, innovating to increase productivity, or introducing technology to improve automation.

Many agencies use cooperative contracts- themselves a form of best practice, of course. But with the growing number of cooperative agreements, procurement professionals can find themselves spending time researching and comparing options to determine which contract is best. While important, this is inefficient and can take them away from other more essential functions of their role.

With over 60 public agencies registered on the platform already, CompareCoOps provides a timely solution to the challenges of using cooperative contracts. It helps procurement organizations automate cooperative purchasing and to devote staff time to other projects and more complex solicitations.

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be for buyers to find the right contracts and obtain contract pricing. We have made it our mission to deliver value to public agencies by helping them identify the agreements that best meet their needs.

CompareCoOps is a smart and easy way to get quotes from suppliers on coop contracts, ensuring the best value and a more transparent approach to cooperative purchasing.

Here are some of the benefits of using the platform (spoiler alert for #5: it’s FREE!) :

1. Process transparency.

  • Every supplier listed on the platform must have a contract that was already competitively bid by a public entity.

  • Public agency buyers can add requirements quickly and conduct due diligence right in the system.

  • The agency can also document the selection by awarding the purchase on the platform for full process transparency.

  • And, unlike email and spreadsheets, CompareCoOps provides the peace of mind of a robust, downloadable audit trail.

2. Ease of use.

  • The platform is intuitive and easy to use. Once you sign up, you simply select by category (of goods or services), cooperative, and supplier(s) and follow the prompts. Need help? Our support team is happy to assist.

  • A digital “quick quote” approach. No more Googling to find cooperative contracts or suppliers. You can quickly obtain quotes from a wide range of suppliers in one place. The process ensures that you receive the best cooperative purchasing value, instead of off-the-shelf pricing.

  • Side-by-side comparison. Compare contract pricing side by side without the need to go back and forth between websites, or having to print out hard copy documents. Once you find the best value, you’ll submit a PO just like you usually would.

3. Time savings.

CompareCoOps can automate your contract research and boost your productivity. You can increase efficiencies by reducing time spent visiting multiple cooperative websites and individually reaching out to suppliers for pricing. Then you can redirect the time saved to other projects. It is like increasing your team’s productive hours.

4. Cost savings.

CompareCoOps makes it easier for public agencies to access a range of cooperative contracts. Independently audited data has shown that our public agency users have enjoyed cost savings of 9.74% and you can measure your own benefits with robust analytics functionality.

5. It’s FREE to public agencies.

Public procurement organizations can sign up for free and start taking advantage of the benefits that CompareCoOps offers.

CompareCoops is ready to add value to your agency. I encourage you to sign up for free to start enjoying the benefits today.

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Greg Farber

Greg is an Account Executive at CompareCoOps and is on a mission to innovate government procurement through the utilization of data and technology. Speak to Greg today to help you find procurement solutions for your organization.

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